Thursday, January 19, 2017


JANUARY 03, 2017 - 1:35 P.M.


My peace be with you all, men of goodwill.

The days of purification are coming, when prayer, fasting and penance must be part of your spiritual armor. The days of spiritual combat have begun in this year, so you must be united in faith, prayer and fulfillment of my precepts if you want to be victorious. Prayer, fasting and penance are spiritual strongholds that will protect you from the attacks of the enemy of your soul.

My people, My creation has now entered its last and harshest phase of purification in which all my creatures are included.  Your spiritual transformation is about to begin; only the victors will obtain the crown of life. The vast majority of mankind that is walking in sin, very soon will  feel in body and soul what it is to be without the Spirit of Life. I tell you again that millions of human beings are going to be lost if they do not wake up at the Warning. Be prepared spiritually for this imminent event; hurry to put your accounts in order and, most importantly, to forgive one another so that when My Son knocks at the door of your soul, you will be blameless and able to see the Glory of God.

Do not forget: My people, pray without ceasing because continuous prayer will give you great victories over the forces of evil.  May My people be prepared and ready  because everything is about to break loose.  As Father of mankind, I will wait until the last second of mercy is exhausted because I do not want the death of the sinner, nor do I take pleasure in his suffering. This purification is necessary so that Law and Order will once again be restored, because for mankind  to continue as it is going jeopardizes the existence of My people. Your lack of love and sin make My Justice work on behalf of My creation, and you all know that this is right and inevitable; each will be given according to his works.

Never beforehand as Father of mankind had I seen so much wickedness and sin in My creation. It pains and saddens me to see the moral, social and spiritual degradation to which this end times humanity has arrived; Sin, evil and the animal instincts of this humanity hold  in danger the harmony and balance that govern creation. Remember that you are spiritual beings in a spiritual universe and that everything is synchronized in love and created in love. Man with his sin is destroying this balance of love. If I do not intervene as Father, My creation will disappear.

The spiritual balance that moves My creation is in danger; the sin of  man in these end times has caused the universe to fall our of synchronization; This  discordance will bring dire consequences for humanity. My Justice will make everything in the universe fit together again. My spiritual adjustment will give rise to a New Creation, that only spiritual beings can inhabit. Prepare yourselves, My people, for the groanings are about to begin; do not panic, know that all this is necessary for the old sinful man to die and a new, totally spiritual man to be reborn for the joy and delight of your Father. My New Creation waits for My faithful people. Rejoice because you will soon reside in New Heavens and a New Earth. The Glory of God is awaiting you.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Creation.

I want this message to reach all the ends of the earth, without exception, for all creeds, races, and religions.



JANUARY 15 2017 - 1: 20 P.M.


Glory to God in Heaven and on Earth peace to men of good will.

Who is like God, Who is like God, Who is like God. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Brothers in the love of God, may the peace of the Most High be with you, and both my humble intercession and protection accompany you.

Days of spiritual battle are coming and the vast majority of humanity will be caught unprepared. Evil and sin hold this humanity blinded, living in a spiritual lethargy and asleep. I assure you that many will die eternally. Brothers, we are in spiritual combat with the hosts of evil in Heavenly places. Soon these battles will be transferred to Earth because it will be there where the final battle for your freedom will be fought.

As Prince of the Heavenly Army I appeal to you, terrestial militia, to be ready and prepared, because the time of spiritual combat in your world is about to begin. May your spiritual armor be oiled with prayer and strengthened by fasting and penance. May you always be sealed with the Blood of the Divine Lamb; may you not forget to call on the Holy Spirit, nor the protection and assistance of our Beloved, our Queen and Lady.

Mortals, the time has come for your liberation; Do not relax your prayer! Form strongholds with your brothers and stand firm in the faith, always carrying in your hands the power of the Holy Rosary, with which you will be victorious in the spiritual combat of each day. Nighttime hours will be the most active in spiritual struggle; My Father is going to take the spirit of many of his instruments to fight with the Celestial Militia and with me against the forces of evil in the hours of darkness.

Brethren, do not forget to put on your spiritual armor from morning ‘til night, extending it to your relatives, so that the evil spirits can not seize your bodies. I tell you, he who separates himself from prayer and from God will risk being lost if there is no one to pray for him. We have been sent to protect the People of God, but it is your spiritual responsibility to pray, fast and do penance. Remember that we respect your free will; if you do not pray and you separate yourself from God, then we will not be able to deliver you from the attacks of the enemy of your soul.

Again I say to you: do not lie down without your spiritual armor because the demons are going to be looking for bodies to take over, and also to bring the battle to your homes. Make your homes spiritual strongholds where everything will be sealed with the Blood of the Lamb of God and no force of evil will be able to rob you of your peace. Always wear around your neck the power of the Rosary and holy images and medals, preferably exorcised. A medal of the Blood of the Lamb of God hanging around your neck will be of great help to you in your spiritual struggle because it will send away the embodied demons who will seek to attack you. Since the fight is spiritual, do not engage in contests with embodied spirits because that is what the adversary is looking for; to take revenge on you and harm you. When an embodied spirit is going to attack you, what you must do is to seal it with the Blood of Christ and to rebuke it spiritually with prayer, so that it can not harm you.

Brethren, evil spirits of all kinds and sins will soon inundate the Earth; therefore, you must be prepared spiritually, so that you can repel them with prayer. Learn by heart my Exorcism prayer given to Pope Leo XIII and my prayer of combat, because you are going to need them for the spiritual battle. Also, honor my brothers, the Archangels and Angels of the Kingdom of my Father; read the Holy Word of God and memorize Biblical passages and psalms of deliverance that serve to repel the spirits. Have loads of sacramentals in your homes: water, salt and oil of exorcism, because you are going to need them to drive away the forces of evil. Do not forget to anoint yourself with oil of exorcism all over your body and to take sacramentals so that you protect yourself from the spiritual contaminations that will be scattered in the air. Feed yourselves on spiritual food; Go as often as you can to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because the days are drawing near when the Houses of my Father are going to be closed and you will no longer have it. So, be prepared and ready because the spiritual battles are about to come to your world.

May the peace of the Most High abide in you.

We are your Brothers and Servants, Michael the Archangel and the Angels and Archangels of the Heavenly Militia.

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God.  Allelujah,  Allelujah, Allelujah. 

Men of good will, make our messages known.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


3 JANVIER 2017 – 1H35 P.M



Ma paix soit avec vous tous, hommes de bonne volonté. Les jours de purification arrivent déjà où la prière, le jeûne et la pénitence doivent faire partie de votre Armure Spirituelle. Les jours de combat spirituel ont commencé cette année, vous devez si vous voulez gagner être unis dans la foi, la prière et le respect de mes préceptes. La prière, le jeûne  et la pénitence, sont des forteresses  spirituelles qui vous protègeront des attaques de l’ennemi de votre âme.

Mon peuple, ma création est déjà entrée dans sa dernière phase de purification et celle-ci sera la plus forte ; en elle sont comprises toutes mes créatures. Votre transformation spirituelle va commencer ; seuls les vainqueurs  obtiendront la couronne de la vie. La grande majorité de l’humanité qui marche dans le péché, ressentira très vite dans le corps et l’âme ce que c’est d’être sans l’Esprit de Vie. Des millions d’êtres humains vont se perdre s’ils ne se réveillent pas avec l’Avertissement ; à nouveau Je vous dis ; soyez préparés spirituellement pour cet évènement qui va arriver ; dépêchez-vous de mettre vos comptes en ordre et le plus important, de vous pardonner les uns les autres pour que lorsque mon Fils frappera  à la porte de votre âme, vous soyez irréprochables et puissiez voir la gloire de Dieu.

N’oubliez pas mon Peuple de prier en chaîne, parce que la prière va vous donner de grandes victoires sur les forces du mal. Que mon Peuple soit prêt et préparé, parce que tout est sur le point de se déclencher ; en tant que Père de l’humanité, j’attendrai que s’épuise la dernière seconde de miséricorde, parce que je ne veux pas la mort du pécheur, ni ne me complais dans sa souffrance. Cette purification est nécessaire pour que l’Ordre et le Droit  se rétablissent ; parce que en continuant comme va l’humanité elle compromet l’existence de ma création. Votre désamour et péché font que ma Justice œuvre en faveur de ma création et vous savez déjà que celle-ci est droite et inexorable et donnera à chacun selon ses œuvres.

En tant que Père de l’humanité je n’avais jamais vu auparavant autant de méchanceté et de péché dans ma création. J’ai mal et m’attriste de voir la dégradation morale, sociale et spirituelle, à laquelle est arrivée  cette humanité des derniers temps ; le péché, la méchanceté et les bas instincts de cette humanité, menacent l’équilibre et l’harmonie qui régissent la création ; rappelez-vous que vous êtes des êtres spirituels dans un univers spirituel et tout est synchronisé dans l’amour et créé dans l’amour. L’homme avec son péché détruit l’équilibre de l’amour ; si je n’interviens pas en tant que Père, ma création disparaîtra.

L’équilibre spirituel qui meut ma création est en danger, le péché de l’homme de ces derniers temps a désynchronisé l’univers ; cette désynchronisation va apporter des conséquences néfastes pour l’humanité. Ma Justice fera  que tout dans l’univers sera à nouveau conforme. Ma correction spirituelle donnera naissance à une Nouvelle Création, où seuls  des êtres spirituels pourront habiter. Préparez-vous mon Peuple, parce que les malheurs vont commencer ; ne paniquez pas, sachez que tout cela est nécessaire pour que l’homme ancien meurt et que puisse renaître un homme nouveau, totalement spirituel pour la joie et le plaisir de votre Père. Ma Nouvelle Création attend mon Peuple fidèle ; réjouissez-vous parce que bientôt vous habiterez des Nouveaux Cieux et une Nouvelle Terre. La  Gloire de Dieu vous attend. 

Votre Père, Yahvé, Seigneur de la Création.

Je veux que ce message parvienne aux quatre coins du monde sans acception de croyances, races, ni religions.




MARCH 17, 2016 - 9:50 A.M.


My peace be with you, my people.

The fire of my justice, the fire of purification is approaching Earth and scientists will not stop it; all that is written will be fulfilled; events will come without warning and will catch the vast majority of this mankind unprepared. Great balls of fire coming from space will fall on the wicked nations; the fire of my justice is on its way and neither anything nor anyone will be able to stop it. It is my Holy Justice that is coming to purify everything.

My inheritors, gather yourselves in prayer and be not afraid, because your eyes will see how the evil doers are repaid. A thousand shall fall on your left and ten thousand on your right, but nothing will happen to you, because you put your trust in the Lord. I have given orders to my holy angels to safeguard you on all your paths; may they carry you in their arms and not let your foot be dashed against a stone (Psalm 91: 7 to 12) I will uproot the weeds, so that only the good wheat will be left. My angels are ready to reap the harvest, just waiting for my signal to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I burn with zeal for my creation and I will not let the pride of man of these end times destroy what I created with so much love. War, famine, pestilence, persecution, birth pangs of my creation and fire of my righteousness will be part of the tribulation that has been announced. Only those who trust in the Lord and persevere in faith will attain the crown of life.

My warning will come in the midst of the tribulation; the day and time, only your Heavenly Father knows. Again I say, prepare yourselves because these days are coming; do not spend any longer going after the things of this world for the period of mercy that still remains is very short, because in truth, I tell you that nothing that you see will you see again. I will create everything new and the old will pass away and will not be remembered again.

My heavenly trumpets will sound again from east to west, from north to south; they are an announcement to mankind to prepare for the days of justice that are about to begin.  Mortals, do not spend the night putting your house in order, because everything will come without warning and many will not have time to balance their accounts!  Awake, awake, lukewarm of heart and mankind that walks in sin, because the days of tribulation are coming and there is no turning back!. These are days of divine justice where there will be no mercy.  What are you foolish waiting for to return to God?  The night is coming and with it my righteousness and you will catch yourselves sinning; Think it over and make straight your way, so that you will not have anything to regret tomorrow.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind.



MARCH 09, 2016 - 2:00 P.M.


My peace be with you. My people, my inheritance.

You are living in the last days of peace; make the most of them and try to live in communion with God and your brothers. Very soon war will come and instead of peace and joy, what will come will be weeping and pain. The fuse is already lit, the only thing missing is the kings of this world setting the date and the time; war is imminent and will involve all nations either passively or actively.

Pray, fast and do penance, my people; because very soon my creation will be dressed in mourning and there will be weeping and pain everywhere.  My people, weapons of mass destruction of the great powers of this world have the ability to destroy my creation in a fraction of a minute.  That is why I am asking you to pray, fast and do penance, asking your Father to stop the expansion and lengthening of the war; whether the days of war are prolonged or shortened will depend upon your prayers and supplications.

It is not I, your Father, who will send you the scourge of war; it is the kings of this world who want to expand their domains and reduce a great part of the world's population.  The war will make the most of it to fumigate the sky of many nations with silent death.  Lethal gases, viral illnesses and other gases damaging to health, will be scattered in the air of many Third World nations and its aim will  be to reduce the population of these nations.  All of this will be accomplished under the complacency of their rulers.

There are millions of lethal vaccines ready to be applied on the population of these developing nations.  To become sick in those days is to run the risk of dying.  My people, the time of desolation is drawing near!  Sing plaintive hymns, because the horsemen of famine, pestilence and death will soon plunge my creation into mourning!   War will arouse the fury of my creation and this will allow its pitiful cry to be heard.  Many nations will disappear from the face of the earth, when they awaken fire dragons from the bowels of my creation.  War will shake my creation, which will groan with its final birth pains; from east to west, north to south.  Its pains will move continents and everything will be ready for a new earth to be born.

Woe to you mortals, for the great and terrible day of the Lord is drawing near!  Wake up and clothe yourself in sackcloth; throw ashes on your head and do penance; for those days of sorrow, desolation and death will happen as soon as possible!   Prepare yourselves, My people, because the days of war are coming.  Stand firm in the faith; pray and trust in your God, so that you might get past this test.  If you do this, I assure you that these days will be like a dream for you.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Message of Our Lady, Queen of Peace transmitted in 1/1/2017

Dear children, I am your Mom and I came from Heaven to call you to conversion. Open your hearts and let yourself be guided by God. You walk to a painful future. A great storm will come and the Great Ship will be affected. I invite you to experience the grace of the Lord through the power of prayer and listening of His Word. For these times of tribulations I offer you as weapons the Holy Rosary , The Sacred Scripture, the Eucharist, and the fidelity to the true teaching of the Church. The righteous will drink the bitter cup of scorn and indifference. The days will come when the defenders of the faith will be treated as enemies. Pray. Only with the power of prayer you can overcome the devil. The wolves dressed in sheep cause great suffering to God's Chosen. Do not lose your heart. Just stand in the way I have indicated. All that is false will fall to the ground. For the perseverance of a little flock, the Church of My Jesus will keep the faith. Move forward without fear. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to reunite you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.

Message of Our Lady, Queen of Peace transmitted in 12/20/2016


Dear children, bend your knees in prayer. From the Palace vengeance will come and the just will carry a heavy cross. I suffer because of what is coming for you.  Be filled with courage. Love the truth and defend it. Seek in the Words of my Jesus the strength necessary for your journey. In the Eucharist is your sustenance and the assurance of your victory. I came from Heaven to lead you to Heaven. Do not remain stationary in sin. Convert. Much depends upon your conversion. I know your needs and I will plead with my Jesus for you. Go forward in truth. Whatever happens, do not forget the lessons of the past. Be faithful to the True Magisterium of the Church. After Calvary will come the Victory of the Church. Have trust and hope in Jesus, for He is your only Way, Truth and Life. This is the message which I transmit you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to reunite you here once again. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay in Peace.